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2018 4th Annual Crescent Beach

Community Garage Sale

Saturday 2 June 9am - 2pm


Interactive Map of Garage Sales:



Map for print / IPhone users: Garage Sale Map
List of addresses for print / IPhone users: Addresses and items for sale

When: Saturday 2 June, 2018 9am - 2pm

Where: In Crescent Beach Village in South Surrey   in 40+ driveways throughout the village. See maps above or pick up a map at the welcome area on Beecher Street.

What: Community-wide garage sale in its 4th year! This fun annual event attracts people from the US and all over Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley!  It's a fun family day out!  


Why: It is a wonderful opportunity to go "treasure hunting", find that widget you never knew you needed, or that fantastic deal!  For participants it's a great chance to declutter, rediscover the garage or spare room and recycle.  It's also become a time for neighbours to connect and have fun together.


What Else: Canadian Diabetes will be picking up items for donation after the event for participants who opt in for this.


  • Looking forward to seeing you all! Kristina


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